Virtual Assistant Services

I help business owners handle a variety of small tasks so they have more time to focus on other areas of their work.

If you’re looking to outsource some tasks to lighten the work load, I’m here to help you.

Below are some of the tasks I have experience with: 

  • Social Media Management

I manage your social media accounts by professionally replying to messages and making sure everyone has the answers they need. If you have a Facebook group, I moderate comments and posts from members to keep the spam levels low and quality of posts high.

  • Graphics Creation

I make graphics for your social media accounts based on content from your website.

Here’s one example, taken from my own Twitter account:

These posts are excellent for improving engagement on your social media accounts.

They’re also a perfect way to improve your brand exposure online!

  • Data-Entry

Need someone to help out with data-entry tasks? I’m here for you.

  • Blog Comment Management

Don’t have time to reply to every comment on your website? Let me handle that for you. With my blog comment management service, readers will see that you appreciate them by replying to every comment they leave on your site.

  • Article Cover Creation

It is my belief that every article should have a cover, and I can make those for you.

Social media platforms such as Facebook fetch the first image on webpage and use it to show a preview of the content.

So it would make sense to include a cover image, right? 

Cover images also improve click-through rates on social media.

  • Need Anything Else? 

Need something that’s not on the list? Contact me and lets talk.

Let me know what you need and I’ll provide you with a quote.

Payments can be made either monthly or on a project to project basis.